"Page-Turning, chest-thumping Civil War

writing at its bloodiest best..."

FOLLOWING THE FALL OF Fort Sumter in 1861, seven young Georgia brothers answered the call of duty and marched off to fight for "the glorious Cause."
Some served the Confederacy on the blood-drenched killing fields of Virginia and Mississippi. Others stayed back to protect their homeland  against invasion by Sherman's marauding Union troops.
From Seven Pines to Fredericksburg, Vicksburg to Gettysburg, Spotsylvania to Atlanta, the young brothers followed their ill-fated armies into battle after battle, grimly determined to carve victory out of defeat until, in the end, they were forced to lay down  their arms at Appomattox Court House in the spring of 1865.
After four years of bitter fighting, those who survived the wrenching struggle discovered there was no glory in war--only death, destruction and despair.
Based on original letters and diaries, Confederate Dawn recounts the horrific ordeal of brave young men in battle who often chose death over dishonor and defeat. It also relays the poignant story about those they left behind--wives, parents, lovers and slaves--who banded together to fight off the blue-coated marauders until civility could be restored.
'Powerful and compelling...a hard book to put down...'
Voices of the House Divided
"Better than Cold Mountain..."
--Chattanooga Times