The People in the Lake


A LONG TIME AGO, something dark and terrible happened at the remote mountain village of Big Bear Gap before it was flooded to make way for a new reservoir in the North Georgia Mountains.


And now, almost a century later, a terrifying force has been awakened beneath the tranquil waters, a force that threatens not only the serenity of this lonely wilderness paradise, but also the lives of those living along the pristine shores of Big Bear Lake.

When Laura Drake and her precocious young daughter arrive for a mother-daughter vacation at an isolated lake house, they quickly discover they are not alone. At night when it storms, they are awakened by the ghostly clanging of church bells that seem to be coming from the bottom of the lake. Even more unsettling are the spectral figures of two young brothers, Lucas and Mason, who roam the beach on stormy nights, their sad, hollow eyes masking sinister intent.

Part ghost story, part love story, The People in the Lake is a horror/thriller set against the scenic backdrop of the Southern Blue Ridge, an ancient, untrammeled  land of mystery, wonder and long forgotten truths where some things are not always as they seem.

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"True Evil is a remarkable book about truly evil people. Mr. Floyd can really tell a story and keep you interested until the end..."

--Virginia Greenway

"Randall Floyd is a superior storyteller. This is a ghost story well-worth the read..."

--Bob Young

Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air

People and Places that

Vanished Without a Trace

EACH YEAR, tens of thousands of people go missing in the United States, while around the world, countless millions vanish into the unknown, never to be seen or heard from again.

In an age of GPS, smart phones and computerized record-keeping from the cradle to the grave, it is difficult to comprehend how so many living human beings can suddenly and inexplicably disappear, leaving no trail or clue to their whereabouts.

This book explores the unexplained and often mysterious fates of a number of people and places that vanished into the unknown. Most of the victims profiled in these pages share some level of fame or notoriety--gangsters, movie stars, royal princes and princesses, socialites, airplane pilots and even a prime minister. Some of the usual notables are included--Jimmy Hoffa, Anastasia Romanov, Lionel Crabb, Theodosia Burr Alston, Michael Rockefeller and Judge Crater.

Lesser known, but no less sensational or tragic figures, are also exmained, including Dorothy Arnold, the young New York socialite who wanted to be a famous author, Orion Williamson, the Alabama farmer who faded into nothing but a wispy shadow in full view of his wife and two neighkbors, and Tiffany Sessions, the attractive coed who was snatched late one afternon while on a power-walk.

In 2006, the whole world was horrified when news broke that a brilliant and talented young Alabama high school beauty named Natalie Holloway had disappeared on the last night of her class trip to the sun-drenched Caribbean island of Aruba. Presumably murdered, her body remains missing more than a decade later.

If there's a common link between all these ill-fated individuals, it's that nobody knows what became of them. No trace of their bodies has ever been found. They simply vanished into thin air, their whereabouts shrouded in rumors, legends and folklore.

In the end, this book demonstrates that truth is often stranger than fiction, whether dealing with UFO abductions, playboy prime ministers, evil kings, corrupt judges, glamorous movie stars, cannibal head-hunters or lost, vine-shrouded cities slumbering deep in steamy jungles.

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