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Often, when I'm doing a talk about writing, I'll share J.D. Salinger's sage advice to budding authors: "If you want to write, then why are you here? Why aren't you home writing?"

Book signings are a big deal for authors. Sure, they take away time from writing, but in many cases they're the only time many writers get to meet the readers of their books...

Living in Kurdistan...
The ancient world collides with the new in Iraq, from the windswept Plains of Assyria to the dusty, legend-haunted badlands of Ur and Babylon...
Let an expert share with you unique insights about living and working in this war-torn and misunderstood land of caliphs and conquerors...


Looking for an engaging and entertaining speaker for your club, school, group or organization's next meeting?



Let E. Randall Floyd offer his unique style and engrossing presentation of material to your audience. He is as popular with national forums as he is with regional and local meetings. Featured on Coast-to-Coast, CNN, CBS, NPR, etc., he is guaranteed to be a highlight for any occasion, regardless of size. 


--The Terrible Truth about Writing & Publishing

--The Civil War: Heroes in Blue & Gray

--The Angry Scar: Sherman's March to the Sea

--Bigfoot: America's Most Mysterious Monster

--Angels in Blue & Gray on the Battlefield

--History's Mysteries

--Halloween Special! Ghosts & Hauntings

--Halloween Special! The Supernatural South

--The Ancient World  in Focus

--Desert Dreams: Sojourning through the Land of Caliphs & Conquerors

--The Good, the Bad & the Mad: Weird People in American History

--Understanding Miracles & Visions

--Behind the Evidence: UFOs & Ancient Aliens

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