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THE DOZENS OF MEN and women profiled in this book represent some of humanity’s greatest flaws: Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, Belle Gunness, Jeffrey Dahmer, Lizzie Borden, Henry Lee Lucas, Typhoid Mary, Count von Cosel, Josef Mengele, Idi Amin, Alferd Packer, Richard Speck, the Harpes...

Some started out in life ordinary enough. They grew up, got married, raised kids, went to church, paid their taxes on time.  Many went on to become politicians, teachers, farmers, soldiers and business leaders.

But somewhere along the way something happened. These ordinary men and women became maniacal malcontents who slaughtered, maimed, butchered and cannibalized untold thousands of innocent victims before justice finally caught up with them.

They became the worst of the worst—a veritable Who’s Who of the underbelly of crime—the sickest, most twisted and dangerously depraved psychopaths who ever walked the earth.

They became monsters, murderers and maniacs.


A LONG TIME AGO, something dark and terrible happened at the remote mountain village of Big Bear Gap before it was flooded to make way for a new reservoir in the North Georgia Mountains.


And now, almost a century later, a terrifying force has been awakened beneath the tranquil waters, a force that threatens not only the serenity of this lonely wilderness paradise, but also the lives of those living along the pristine shores of Big Bear Lake.

When Laura Drake and her precocious young daughter arrive for a mother-daughter vacation at an isolated lake house, they quickly discover they are not alone. At night when it storms, they are awakened by the ghostly clanging of church bells that seem to be coming from the bottom of the lake. Even more unsettling are the spectral figures of two young brothers, Lucas and Mason, who roam the beach on stormy nights, their sad, hollow eyes masking sinister intent.

Part ghost story, part love story, The People in the Lake is a horror/thriller set against the scenic backdrop of the Southern Blue Ridge, an ancient, untrammeled  land of mystery, wonder and long forgotten truths where some things are not always as they seem.




A journey to the Okefenokee Swamp in deep south Georgia is like stepping back in time--miles and miles of uncharted waterways past dark lagoons and floating "prairies." It remains a real-life Jurassic Park, with giant alligators, poisonous snakes, killer bears and panthers...

When the first white settlers came to the swamp in the early 1800s, they heard strange stories about a lost tribe of Amazon-like women who lived on an enchanted isle surrounded by a deep moat and man-eating gators. For the first time, this legend is brought to life with old reports and fresh accounts.

The Old South

Angelic armies in Blue and Gray...Tennessee's Bell Witch...Strange vanishings...Haunted lands of the Gullah...the Wampus Cat...Altamaha-Ha...the Goat Man...Roanoke's Lady in Black...the Lizard Man...

These are only a few of the many hair-raising and timelessly entertaining encounters with the unknown brought to life in The Lost Maidens of the Okefenokee, E. Randall Floyd's spell-binding new collection of bizarre and unexplained happenings from the Southern landscape. These riddles range from historical oddities to scientific who-dunits, from the supernatural to the macabre...

With a journalist's eye and a storyteller voice, Floyd recounts stories both familiar and new--from Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen of New Orleans, to the Gray Man of South Carolina's Grand Strand...

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